X300 maintenance sheet

Home Maintenance Kit Unit Kit Number X300 LG256 Service Recommendations Qty Part No Item Qty or Capacity Change Interval in Hours 3 AM107423 Oil Filter 1 8/100/200 6 TY22029 1 Qt Engine Oil Turf Gard ® 10W30 1.8 qt 8/100/200 2 MIU10999 Air Filter - Foam 1 100/200 2 MIU10998 Air Filter - Paper 1 100/200 2 AM116304 Fuel Filter 1 100/200 John Deere Lawn Tractors for sale, 100 Series, S240 Sport Series, X300 Select Series, X500 Select Series , X700 Signature Series for sale at Shoppa's Farm Supply, Texas. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Bay City, Beaumont, East Bernard, El Campo, Giddings, Liberty, Shiner, and Victoria, TX. MN, with the older X300 cars the service routine basically started again as if from new. 60K was the big one. No idea about your X350. How much warranty is left on yours now? Time to think about changing that gearbox oil if you are going to keep it, we talked about that when you were up here. There is no such thing as sealed for life! The John Deere X300 is the introductory model with the premium select series. The X300 is equipped with a 18hp Kawasaki engine built to John Deere specifications and a 42" mower deck with foot pedal assist lift. The X300 series John Deere tractors are equipped with a heavy hydrostatic transmission for added durability.