Cable phone during power

Internet loss when power outage. What good does it do me to have UPS for my router and and all other devices if the internet goes down each time we have a power outage? This was not the case for my previous internet provider. I had Rogers home phone back in 2011 and can say the phone modem definitely has a battery in it and can power a traditional phone (can't be cordless because cordless phone docks require 120V). Additionally, Rogers home phone isn't VoIP, but rather cable and doesn't require an internet connection. Apr 11, 2011 ยท Wired phone systems are primarily powered by very large batteries . and can work for quite a long time if the main power goes off. Most phone companies have generators to charge the batteries . if the main power is off long enough to make it necessary. Cell phones frequently don't work during power outages While using apple usb chord to mac computer (ios 10.13.3) during iphone 6s update to 11.2.5, I experienced constant beeping and inability for phone to charge. Switched phone to wall charger and beeping stopped. Switched back to charge phone via mac, and beeping also stopped. Success! Forum discussion: Good morning all, I just got Comcast Business Internet, and am wondering how reliable cable systems tend to be during power outages as compared to POTS systems. Cable TV networks ... There used to be a Tata Walky. It has a Land Line number, but works like a Cordless phone. More like a completely independent phone. As a kid I used to carry it around to a garden nearby almost half a kilometer away.