Sheetmetal component

We provide custom sheet metal fabrication and design including heating, ventilation and air conditioning components in Anchorage, Alaska.This is a video tutorial of how to model a sheet metal component in Fusion 360. If you would like to download a PDF drawing for this component for reference, you can download one from this link.Metal Component Engineering is founded in 1987, Singapore. With consistent focus on quality and engineering innovation, we expand our customer base serving MNC (Multi-National-Corporation), EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), and SME (Small-Medium-Enterprise) globally.As sheet metal parts are flattened (or formed if you start with a flat state), Pro/SHEETMETAL utilizes a " Y factor " to allow for the fact that metal is elastic and stretches as it bends. Pro/SHEETMETAL will subtract from the actual length of the material to compensate for the elasticity.Wide range of Sheet Metal Components used in Automotive Applications, Tractors, Earthmoving equipment, Farm Equipment for their Engines, Transmissions, Axles and Bodies. These are manufactured out of various grades of Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass, thickness range up to 10mm thickness with tonnage capacity of 200 tone presses.