Hydroforming of sheets tubes and profiles of courage

The Quintus Flexform fluid cell press uses hydroforming technology, employing extremely high hydraulic pressure against a flexible rubber diaphragm to shape sheet material against a single tool half. The process enables the forming of a variety of geometric shapes out of sheet metal alloys from... Hydroforming sheet aluminum is the most cost-effective way to achieve durable parts with a superior finish. Companies in a variety of industries, from aerospace to lighting to medical, and many more, need to create strong parts from sheet aluminum. Company Profile. Welcome to KLT Automotive and Tubular Products Limited, the flagship company within the KLT group. Best in class India based manufacturer for automotive products, precision tubes, chassis frames, chassis components and body components / assemblies. AutoForm Profile. AutoForm was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1995. Since then, the company has continually grown at a rapid pace. Today, with over 400 dedicated employees worldwide, AutoForm is recognized as the leading supplier of software solutions for die-making and sheet metal forming industries. Hydroforming is a process to expand metal tubes through high water pressure from inside in a closed forming Die. Hollow parts can be formed with a complex outer shape and special characteristics through hydroforming process. The hydroforming process can be employed for sheet forming components as well as tube forming components.