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It devides the high concentration of H+ and the low concentration. In between the areas is the Electron Transport System. The difference in concentrations creates a proton motive force that drives ATP synthase and produces ATP. Microbiology 4130; Microbiology 4140; Note: Any student seeking to have a microbiology course taken at another institution count for Microbiology 4100 must take the current Microbiology 4100 final lecture and lab exams and score at least a C-. Cases will be reviewed by the Microbiology Department Curriculum Committee before a decision is made. Degree Requirements 2017-2018. Degree Requirements 2016-2017. Degree Requirements 2015-2016. Degree Requirements 2014-2015. Degree Requirements 2013-2014. Degree Requirements 2012-2013. Fact Sheet. Transfer Agreements b. Courses with ATHL or LEIS prefix and leisure activity courses may not be used for degree credit in the College of Arts & Sciences. 5. Teacher Certification Students can satisfy the requirements for secondary schools teaching certification while earning a B.A. or B.S. in the . College of Arts & Sciences. Degree Requirements. Following are the degree requirements for the School of Accounting. Because some degree requirements change from year to year, you need to be especially careful about meeting the requirements for your particular degree and year.