Habitat and niche activity sheet answers for interview

Habitat - Quiz - NatureWorks. share this page . ... a habitat a niche. 2. The role or roles an animal fills in a community is called a ... Correct answers: Image ... HABITAT AND NICHE Section Quiz Choose the letter of the best answer. 1. All of the environmental features in the area where an organism lives are known as its a. niche. b. habitat. c. community. d. behavior. 2. The lion’s ecological niche includes its behavior and a. the shade trees on the savanna. b. its position in the food web. c. an ... There are a number of habitats and niches in every ecosystem. Habitats are places where animals and other organisms live. For example, a badger’s habitat is a hole in the ground. A frog’s habitat may be a pond or a stream. A niche is the particular activity of a species within the ecosystem. Habitat and Niche Quiz Answers 1. True or False: Only 2 species at the most can share the same niche. false& 2. True or False: Only 2 species at the most can have the same habitat. false& & 3. What would be an example of a niche at school? Answers&will&vary:&being&on&the&basketball&team,&being&a&cheerleader,&etc.& & 4. What is a niche?